SPG 016: Prepper Emergency Water Preparedness Assessment


When it comes to preparedness having emergency water storage and supply is essential.  In this episode, we are going to begin a series of episodes where we conduct assessments.  This episode will be focusing on conducting emergency water preparedness.  You can only survive 3 days without water so it is important to have quick access to water in an emergency.

Show Notes:

How many gallons of water do you have stored per person?

  • Typically we are told to have one gallon of water per person per day
  • Water is going to be needed to cook and clean
  • It is important to take care of hygiene during a crisis because without you can become sick or get infected
  • For short term circumstances, we should have at least a 7 day supply
  • However, for extreme collapse type scenarios, you will want to have 200 gallons
  • Now, it is impossible to store enough water to last you forever
  • For a long term scenario, 200 gallons would be helpful until you can secure your own source of water
  • Now having this much water isn’t possible for a lot of urban preppers with limited space
  • There are a few items that I use to help save space that I talked about in a previous episode
  • Soda bottles are good to take advantage of smaller spaces in your pantry in home
  • however, these are not ideal for long term storage because they are not BPA free
  • Another great option are water bricks which can fit in smaller spaces like under your couch
  • Finally, I do have bigger 7-gallon water containers from Reliance Aqua-Tainer which are BPA free as well

Do you have a renewable water supply?

  • anytime that you can have a natural supply of resources then you automatically multiply your survivability
  • this is because natural resources are renewable and endless
  • this world will never run out of the water
  • water has an endless cycle
  • bodies of water dissipate, rise into the clouds, fall to the ground when it rains, soaks into the soil and comes back up again
  • With water, you can greatly increase your survivability with renewable resources like a well, springs, river, lake or pond
  • this means you will not have to run to the store or depend on FEMA for water in a crisis
  • the more sources that you have the more that you multiply your survivability

How far away is your renewable water resource?

  • Having quick and easy access to water is crucial in a crisis
  • you don’t want to be battling out with others to have access to this resource
  • during a crisis, everyone is going to be flocking there
  • so having the water resource on your property is ideal as it will reduce safety threats
  • Now you will want to have something to collect that water with
  • I have a collapsible water bag that I can carry in my emergency bag that will carry about 2 gallons
  • It’s easy to scoop the water
  • It also has a cap so that the water doesn’t spill or leak
  • the bag is also made of strong material so that it won’t bust while transporting the water
  • Now this assessment isn’t for your bug out or survival retreat
  • This resource should be where you live
  • Ultimately the plan is to never be forced to bug out
  • Now if your current location doesn’t have this resource then you may be forced to bug out
  • In a previous blog post, I discussed how to determine if and when you should bug out
  • I will link that in the show notes of this episode at smartpreppergear.com/spg16
  • So this means if you don’t currently have access to that resource then you may need to consider strategically relocating
  • I’m not talking about packing up to the middle of nowhere
  • a lot of us don’t have that possibility
  • but I recommend finding a location that has a water resource on your property or less than a mile a way
  • Now another option is to add a rain catchment system
  • However, if you live in a dry climate this may not be as effective
  • But strategic relocation is something that you may want to consider if you don’t have quick access to this resource
  • remember you can only survive 3 days without water

Do you have means to purify your water supply?

  • Unless you like having beaver fever then it is a good idea to have means to filter and purify your water sources
  • It isn’t enough to only have a water resource but you want to have safe water to drink
  • Not all water is safe to drink
  • This is why it is important to have some filters and a way to purify the water
  • Now, of course, you can filter water easily by using bandanas or you can create a charcoal filter
  • However, if you are collecting big amounts of water at a time then you will want to have some tools that make it easier
  • One good option is Life Straw water filters along with Berkey Water Filter
  • Berkey is a big container that can purify a few gallons at a time
  • You can also simply build a fire to purify the water by boiling it

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