SPG 019: Outcome of War with North Korea

outcome of war with north korea


In these last couple of weeks, we have heard the war of words start heating up between North Korea and the US.  As a result of that, many are in fear of a nuclear strike from North Korea.  In this episode, we are going to discuss the possible outcome of a war with North Korea and how you can get prepared.

Outcome of war with North Korea Show Notes

North Korea attacking the United States would be suicide

  • I’m not of the belief that North Korea is as dumb as they come off
  • for many years that have threatened to destroy America and South Korea
  • still to this day there has been no action to back up those threats
  • I believe that they know and understand that they will never be able to be as powerful as the United States

An attack on North Korea would dramatically affect neighboring countries

  • let’s say if North Korea was stupid enough to launch a missile at Guam
  • The United States would be able to destroy North Korea hundreds of times over
  • However, North Korea wouldn’t be the only country to feel the effects
  • If a nuclear bomb was dropped then many countries such as South Korea and Japan would be affected along with our own states including Hawaii and Alaska

Attempting to rebuild North Korea could cause WW3

  • yes, Russia and China have publicly condemned North Korea on multiple occasions over their missile tests and threats
  • However, those two countries still maintain diplomatic ties with North Korea
  • In fact, the original conflict that divided North and South Korea began as a proxy war between Russia and the United States
  • Russia still continues to supply them with weapons along with goods and services
  • If the United States attempted to rebuild like we did with Afghanistan and Iraq then could lead to a WW3
  • Not only would Russia be displeased about the occupation but China would as well
  • There is already increasing tensions between the US and China because of the relationships that we have with Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea
  • Occupying North Korea could be seen as encroaching on their territory

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

What this means for preppers

  • This threat should definitely be re-evaluated in your threat assessment
  • If you haven’t conducted a threat assessment then now is an important time to
  • In The Strategic Prepper eBook I discuss in detail how to conduct a threat assessment
  • This is something that we should do on an annual basis but we should look at it on a monthly basis because threats change
  • certainly, this situation increases the likelihood of the potential threat of a nuclear war
  • so you may need to update the scoring of this threat
  • If this threat finds itself at the top of your threat list then you need to begin preparing quickly
  • I just recently published a video on youtube that helps you find the range of a nuclear bomb using a map
  • check that out to see if you are located to a potential nuclear target
  • even if you are not located near one you could be affected in some way
  • to help you put together a plan quickly I suggest that you pick up The Strategic Prepper
  • this will help you to identify what you need to prepare for and how
  • more importantly, it is going to teach you how to prepare on a budget

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outcome of war with north korea