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Spyderco Zoomer Bushcraft Knife


Yes!  You read the title correctly!  Spyderco has produced a bushcraft knife.  If you are knife guy, do much camping or an avid bushcraft then you probably know that Spyderco isn’t really known for producing bushcraft knives. That has all changed with the Spyderco Zoomer Bushcraft Knife.

Spyderco is typically really well known for their high-quality pocket knives.  In fact, I have owned a few of their knives and have never been disappointed.  They are not only high quality but look fun and are different from many other pocket knives.  Typically they are lightweight and are a decent size.

However, Spyderco has partnered with Tom Zoomer to design the Spyderco Zoomer Bushcraft Knife.  Tom Zoomer is a survival skills instructor from the Netherlands.  With that being said, he may know a thing or two about bushcraft knives.

Spyderco has surprised us with a heavier but still decent weight bushcraft knife.  It has a broad,drop-point 5.2-inch blade crafted from Crucible CPM 20CV particle metallurgy stainless steel.  This material ensures high wear resistance which is perfect if you are doing some heavy duty cutting.  It also provides corrosion resistance which is also essential for survival because you don’t know what the weather may bring.

Altogether it comes in at 10 inches with two solid machined G-10 scales that envelop the full tang blade.  G-10 scales provide a comfortable grip. The handle is ergonomically shaped which a lot of bushcraft knives lack. Another great feature is that the blade extends past the handle so that you can use it as a striker and a lanyard attachment.

Now, this knife does come with a high price tag but is in line with a lot of the great quality bushcraft knives.  You can check it out for yourself HERE.  If you pick this up then let us know how your experience has been.

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