Survival Foods with Long Shelf Life to Stockpile Today

survival foods with long shelf life


The conditions during a natural calamity can prove to be traumatizing. Earthquake, blizzard, tsunami, and tornado are some of the calamities that cause damage on a large scale and take many lives every year. It is strictly recommended for everyone to follow all the protective and precautionary measures that can help them to minimize the risk of damage.

In some cases, people are forced to stay indoors for many days due to any such calamity. Therefore, having an emergency kit at home is of great importance. It should be equipped with all the right supplies i.e. medicines etc. that can come in handy during such difficult and daunting times.

Apart from an emergency kit, it is also necessary to have survival food with you to tackle such distressing situations. A point to remember while collecting survival foods is that they should have a long shelf i.e. they can last for a longer period of time without perishing.

If you haven’t yet made a list of survival foods that can come in handy for you in an unfortunate event of a natural calamity, do not worry as we have got your back. In this in-depth article, we have prepared a list of survival foods with long shelf life that you need to stockpile today. Continue reading further to know more.

Survival Foods with Long Shelf Life to Stockpile Today

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee, tea, and cocoa powders can last for a long period of time, in fact even for decades, if you are storing them in a proper manner. The best part is that they do not even lose their flavor and taste. These products can give you the required energy during the time of a calamity; thus, they must be included in the list of survival foods with long shelf life.

Bouillon Products

Most of the bouillon products are flavored with chicken or beef. You can include them in your survival foods with long shelf life list as they can stay still be consumed even after decades if they are well processed, packed, and stored.

Powdered Milk

Powdered milk, a source of vital nutrients for our body, has the tendency to last for 2 decades. However, it is recommended to store it in moisture absorber packets if you intend to store it for this long period.

White Rice

A prominent name in the list of survival foods during emergency times is white rice. It is found in almost every household; thus, making arrangements for white rice is not a tough task. Furthermore, it is easy to make and is rich in nutrients.

Most importantly, white rice is available at cheap rates. Therefore, you can stockpile them without burning a hole in your pocket. White rice can last for over 3 decades; however, similar to other survival foods with long shelf life, they also require proper packaging and storing.


Popcorns are categorized among the food items with the best shelf life. They can last for a longer period of time and are a rich source of vital nutrients.

Freeze-Dried Meats

Most people keep canned meats in their home as they tend to retain their taste for a number of years. However, their shelf life increases up to a great extent if they are freeze-dried. Since protein is found in abundance in meat products; thus, it is advised to keep a lot of freeze-dried meats in stock.

Dried Fruits

Fruits contain vital nutrients; hence, they can prove to be a rich source of energy. For the preparation of survival foods with long shelf life list, it is recommended to add dry fruits as well. They can last for a longer period of time even if they aren’t refrigerated.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter contains essential fatty acids along with numerous vitals minerals and vitamins. Furthermore, it is also a rich source of protein. They are durable and help you to get the calories required to survive tough circumstance. However, make sure you are buying natural peanut butter.

Energy Bars

Energy bars, along with chocolate bars, can prove to be a quick energy source. They are available in various flavors. The best part about these bars is that they have calories in abundance. Look for the ones, while buying them for stockpiling, which are rich in protein and other nutrients. For this purpose, carefully read their ingredients.

Sea Vegetables.

Sea vegetables are available in pill or powdered form. A major benefit associated with sea vegetables is that they have numerous healthful properties associated with them. Since they contain important nutrients and vitamins, they can help to strengthen our immune system and assist in wound healing due to their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Moreover, sea vegetables can also provide the function of tissue repair in our bodies. They can last for an enhanced period of time without perishing. Hence, they must be included in your survival foods with long shelf life list to get prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

Wheat Berries

Wheat berries also make for important items to be included in your survival foods list. They are non-perishable and can be used in making different food items as well.

Non-Perishable Seasonings

Seasonings have the ability to last for a longer period of time. However, you must keep them in air-tight containers for their durability. These containers must be moist and humidity-free. Some of these seasonings that can last almost forever include sugar, spices, pepper, salt, flavor extracts (pure), and dried herbs.

Bulk Nuts

While buying nuts in the bulk ensure that you are buying unsalted ones. Consumption of high salted nuts in good amount may prove to be unhealthy. Furthermore, they can also make you thirsty. Hence, at the time of emergency, you may have limited supply of water. Thus, the use of salted nuts may prove to be a bad idea.

The factors that make nuts a good idea to be included in your survival foods list is that they are a rich source of vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, and protein. In addition to that, a little amount of these nuts can satisfy the appetite.

In order to increase their shelf life, keep them in a dark and cool place. You can also use airtight containers or glass jars to store them.


It is a known fact that beans have a long shelf life. However, it is a better idea to opt for dried beans instead of canned beans as they can last for an even longer period of time. The only hassle you have to face for using dried beans is that they need to be soaked in water for some time before they can be consumed. The time of soaking depends on the type of the bean.

Different beans contain protein, minerals, and vitamins. Thus, they can prove to be a rich source of energy. Furthermore, they are also high in calories. The best part is that they can be stored easily. All you got to do is to keep them in a place that remains dry and your dried beans will be able to last for an enhanced period of time.

Frozen Survival Foods

There are certain food items that can last for an enhanced period of time if they are frozen. These include noodles, freeze-dried coffee, dried pasta, and dried fruits.

Some Important Tips to Follow

While preparing a list of your survival foods with long shelf life to stockpile today, you must follow these important tips.

  • Thoroughly read the ingredients if you are buying canned foods. This is particularly important if you or any other person in your home is allergic to any particular food item. Quite often small amounts of such ingredients are added to the canned products. Thus, they may end up doing more harm than good in such circumstances.
  • It is important to check the expiry dates of food items especially if you are purchasing them from super stores or marts. The use of expired food can result in numerous disorders that require urgent medical treatment. Making arrangements for such treatments in time of emergency can prove to be a difficult task.
  • Store the food items in a proper manner. It is advised to buy airtight containers for this purpose. Moreover, ensure that dried food is kept away from places that are too humid or moist.
  • If you have pets at home, you must include their food in the survival list.
  • Do not forget to arrange for adequate water supply. Ensure the containers in which you are storing water are properly sealed.
  • The quantity of food that must be set aside for survival depends on the number of people in your home. It is important to keep enough food so that every person can have it at least for few days.

All in all, it is important to be prepared for such circumstances and forming a list of survival foods with long shelf life is a vital part of this preparation.

Written by Cindy Clark


survival foods with long shelf life