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Thank You USCCA Download

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Thank you for subscribing to free updates from Smart Prepper Gear!  You can find your free download of The 7 Rules for Justified Use of Force eBook HERE.  It’s my hope you’ll find insightful tips and helpful reviews on gear to help you prepare the smart way now so that you can thrive later.

I typically post two times a week on topics that help preppers identify gear that can be added to their stash.  Also included are helpful blog posts to help you grow along with your prepper journey.  Here are a few other posts that you might find helpful when considering Conceal Carrying the Smart Way:

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  2. 5 Critical Actions to Take After Shooting Someone
  3. How to Handle Traffic Stops While Carrying Concealed
  4. 7 Top Reasons Why CCW Owners Go to Jail

You’ll receive a weekly digest in your inbox.  Please join the discussion in the section of each post.  I love speaking with the prepper community because that is how I learn.  So speak up!


Aaron Liford