What Threats Preppers Should Prepare for in 2018


Show notes


  • now you know that I am wholeheartedly against fear mongering
  • I promise you that is not the purpose of this episode
  • However, as we go into 2018 it is important to conduct a threat assessment as a mentioned in the previous episode
  • if you haven’t conducted a threat assessment then I encourage you to download my book The Strategic Prepper
  • I walk you through conducting one
  • With that being said I think it is important to discuss the potential threats that we could see come to life in 2018
  • Now, I will say that some of these are extreme
  • However, the probability is still there
  • Just because they are extreme doesn’t mean that they can never happen
  • Even the likelihood may be small but the impact can be devastating
  • So I wanted to share with you my opinion on what threats to prepare for in 2018


Social unrest

  • our country is still greatly divided between race, religion, and politics
  • anti-trump agendas are still being pushed in order to further division in the United States
  • in a previous blog post, I talk about the potential coming civil war in the United States
  • as preppers, we can’t get wrapped up in these divisions because we will lose our focus on survival
  • as a prepper, our ultimate goal should be survival instead of winning debates
  • With that being said we need to practice being the grey man
  • we don’t want to bring attention to ourselves and become rememberable
  • that way if SHTF we don’t become a target
  • now that may mean not freedoming so hard
  • a lot of us love to wear our patches and gear to associate ourselves with a certain belief.
  • I do this myself
  • In fact, we sell patches in the Smart Prepper Gear store
  • However, we may have to do this moderately
  • Another important skill to develop for 2018 is going to be situational awareness
  • this means staying on level yellow alert
  • you don’t have to be walking around suspicious of everything
  • but you should be aware of anything that stands out from the baseline of where you are
  • we have seen attacks on preppers and conservatives based off of their beliefs alone
  • this can happen to you
  • the last thing you want to happen is to get caught in the middle of social unrest
  • you will find links to articles on both of these posts in the notes of this episode

Possible war/nuclear fallout

  • the war machine is still on its path
  • as the economy and the dollar weakens we will see more potential for war
  • the war industry is the biggest industry in the world
  • it has been used in the past to get countries out of an economic crisis
  • furthermore, there is a globalist agenda that is pushing for an all-out war
  • this great war will lead to a collapse in order to bring about the one world government
  • War with North Korea is still very likely
  • we are seeing tensions continue to rise between the United States and Russia
  • now this threat may seem a little extreme
  • the possibility is still there but I think the likelihood is still increasing
  • I believe every prepper should have a nuclear fallout kit especially if you live close to potential nuclear bomb targets
  • I will include links in the notes of this episode where you can find a map of potential targets
  • you can also find links to my suggestions for a nuclear fallout kit
  • if you live close to a potential nuclear attack target then you may want to consider strategically relocating
  • this may not happen overnight
  • but you should at least put together a plan to move somewhere that is safer than your current location
  • this doesn’t mean that you should move to whole other state like Idaho
  • you have to be realistic about where you should move to
  • you don’t want to move somewhere where you don’t have any social support group or income coming in
  • sometimes strategically relocating just means moving a few miles away from your current location
  • it may be inconvenient but can save your life
  • at the very least you need to have some sort of bunker or bug out location in the case that a nuclear attack happens
  • this may not guarantee your survival but can help increase the odds

Economic crisis

  • every fiat currency throughout history has crashed and been replaced
  • it never works
  • I understand by reports that the economy has been doing better in 2017
  • but it is cyclical
  • there will be spurts of economic prosperity followed by deeper crisis
  • now, I’m not seeing that we may see a full-blown collapse
  • However, I am saying that there is the potential for another crisis like what we saw in 2001 and 2008
  • during this time we will see an increase in unemployment and inflation
  • ultimately to prepare for this we need to strive to be self-sufficient
  • we can’t be dependent upon a fiat currency
  • when we increase our self-sufficiency then we increase our survivability
  • so that means we should look into growing our own resources like food and having other off-grid resources
  • another great option is having tangible assets that will not lose value like silver and other precious metals
  • in the notes of this podcast, I will leave a link to my post on how to prepare for an economic collapse

Further firearm regulations

  • if you give the enemy an inch they will take a mile
  • this past year we saw the NRA concede on their stance on bump stocks in exchange for recognition of conceal carry permits across state lines
  • I believe that this was in hopes that the anti-gun movement will be pacified
  • However, I believe that they are going to be more motivated now
  • they will see bump stock regulations as a victory and become more emboldened to make bigger moves
  • as a prepper, it is important to have the right to protect ourselves and bear arms
  • every day there is the threat of home invasions, muggings and recently we have even witnessed fatal attacks on people because of their beliefs
  • the only way to stop a bad guy with a good guy with a gun
  • so we need to promote and fight for that right to protect ourselves
  • as I mentioned in a previous podcast, I am no longer supporting the NRA
  • Instead, I am now supporting the Gun Owners Association of America
  • this is because the NRA made their statement about pushing for regulations on bump stocks in the wake of the Las Vegas terrorist attack where over 500 people were shot
  • The GOA continued to stand against regulations even during that time
  • so I would highly recommend becoming a member of the Gun Owners Association of America
  • We need to have a movement to support and fight for our rights
  • they have proven throughout the years to do just that
  • at the same time, preppers should prepare for these regulations
  • I will link in the notes of this episode about the 5 gun parts you should buy before they are banned

Conduct a threat assessment

  • I still encourage preppers to conduct a threat assessment
  • Some of these threats may seem extreme
  • however, you need to conduct an assessment to determine what is relevant and likely in your scenario
  • again, how do you prepare if you don’t know what you are preparing for
  • by having a strategic preparedness plan you can be fully prepared in the important areas instead of partially prepared in many areas
  • most of the time when you are preparing for the relevant threats it helps to cover other threats that are less likely or extreme
  • so again, I recommend downloading The Strategic Prepper where I walk you through that threat assessment
  • you can always reach out to me if you have any questions regarding that

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Photography by DonkeyHotey