Trakline Gun Belt Review

trakline gun belt


Having a great gun belt is an essential item to have in order to carry and conceal the smart way.  Regular belts cannot provide enough to strength and support for three pounds or more around your waist.  In my search for the perfect gun belt I came across the Trakline Gun Belt.  So in order to help you improve your conceal carry setup I wanted to give you the Trakline Gun Belt Review.

Trakline Gun Belt Review


  • Self-Assembly Required
  • One year replacement warranty against defects and breakage
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Brown and black options
  • 2 buckles to choose from
  • Buy one belt and buckle for $59.95 then get a second one for only $25 more


  • Reinforced leather
  • Carries up to 3 pounds
  • Buckle can also be used as a bottle cap opener
  • Ratchet fit with quarter inch tracks
  • 40+ size adjustments so that it can fit any waist size from 24” up to 54”

My Thoughts:

While searching for the perfect belt for my conceal carry setup I came across many options.  There are the tactical belts that you may have seen through companies like 5.11.  There are also traditional loop belts with reinforced leather.

I didn’t want to use a tactical belt because I don’t bring any unwanted attention from others.  Wearing anything “tacticool” just yells “I GOT A GUN!”  That defeats the whole purpose of conceal carrying.  So I opted out of the tactical belts for everyday carry.

The others options that I’ve seen were the traditional loop belts.  The only problem with loop belts is that I can never actually find the true size even without my conceal carry on.  Either the hole is too tight or too loose.  Then trying to add 2.5 inches on top of that for my conceal carry just seemed impossible.

Then finally I came across the Trakline Gun Belt and instantly fell in love with it because of the ratchet buckle.  The ratchet belt guarantees that it will fit my exact size.  It can also be quickly adjust if you are a fat boy like me and need to loosen it up when you sit down.


I was impressed with the hanger that Kore Essentials provides for the belt.  The hanger doesn’t come with the belt but is an essential to have.  You can’t hang this belt like a traditional belt.

Now I must admit I hate reading instructions.  So when I began putting the belt inside of the buckle I was kind of lost.  There were instructions included but I suck at reading them.  So I found a video online and was able to quickly insert the belt into the buckle.  Once you cut the belt to your size and insert it into the buckle you will never have to do it again unless you are exchanging the brown with the black belt to better match your clothing.

I love the fact that the belt is fashionable.  It doesn’t scream tactical.  Plus there are black and brown options.  That way you can conceal carry without looking like a dork.

I’ve been wearing the belt for a few months now.  Still to this day there hasn’t been any deformations taking place like with traditional belts.  Now don’t get me wrong, it will happen eventually because it is a leather belt.  That is why I love Kore Essentials 1 year replacement warranty against defects and breakage.  That tells me that the company is confident in the product that they produce.

My conceal carry is a compact handgun that is about 2.5 pounds.  The belt can hold up to 3 pounds.  So you need to be very selective about choosing your EDC setup.  You should strive to keep a minimalistic and lightweight setup.

You can feel the weight on your waist pulling on the belt but it doesn’t cause sagging.  It’s not meant to be like a tactical belt that can hold heavy amounts of gear for training.  This belt is really for everyday use.

So for the Trakline Gun Belt Review I have been thoroughly impressed with the belt.  I wear it every day and haven’t had any issues.  I would highly recommend checking out their website at to purchase one today.  It is definitely a worthy investment.


  • Fits any size from 24” to 54” unlike traditional belts with holes
  • Fashionable and doesn’t appear “tacticool”
  • No stretching or deformation that comes with extended use (it retains the shape)
  • Can adjust belt without standing (an added bonus for fat boys like me)
  • Lightweight as compared to tactical belts
  • Buy one belt get another one half off
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 1 year replacement warranty


  • Could use better instructions for morons like me (for the sake of listing a con)


That is really it for the Trakline Gun Belt Review.  Altogether I am extremely pleased with my purchase and will continue to buy new ones once my current setup is ready to be replaced.  Leave a comment below if you have any questions about the belt.  I will definitely be able to assist you.