UZI Tactical Defender Pen 6

UZI Tactical Defender Pen 6


When getting attacked by someone you will be forced to fight with what you have on you.  Not all attacks require or even allow a hand gun to be used.  That is why everyone should have layers of self-defense on them at all times.  One such layer of defense could include a “tactical” pen.  This post will be a review of the UZI Tactical Defender Pen 6.

Now before all the keyboard commandos start smashing their thumbs about being “tacticool” let me explain.  I’m not really into looking all tactical with wearing camouflage and patches on me.  I prefer to be the grey man in every way that I can.  However, there are some great practical uses of the UZI Tactical Defender Pen 6.  Let’s get into some of the specifics.

UZI Tactical Defender Pen 6


The UZI Tactical Defender Pen 6 provides an ultra-carbide tip glass breaker.  This is useful if you ever find yourself in an emergency where you need to break glass.  For example, if there is a fire and you need to break the glass cover to access a fire extinguisher this would come in handy.  Another example if you need to break a car window because someone accidentally locked their baby inside.  It will break glass with ease.

It also includes a hand cuff key.  Now this is for a very rare chance that you may ever get kidnapped and restrained.  First you would need to pull the pen from your pockets or shirt and then unscrew the top.  Now is that really realistic?  I’ll let you decide.

The UZI Tactical Defender Pen 6 is also compatible with Fischer Space Pen refills.  These refills are great.  They hardly ever freeze up like regular pens do in cold weather.  It also makes it easy to write in awkward positions which I surprisingly find myself in more often than I would like.

Unfortunately, the pen is not compatible with Rite in the Rain ink refills.  This would have been super helpful to write on wet surfaces.  Fortunately, I have found that I rarely ever need to write on wet surfaces but would’ve been an added bonus just in case.

This pen can also be useful for self-defense.  The sharp edges can really effect an attacker.  In order to be effective using this for self-defense I would recommend getting some self-defense training.


  • Made of aircraft aluminum
  • 6 inches in length
  • Twist pen instead of retractor
  • Can be purchased online at for $27, other online stores or through Amazon.
  • Watch for fakes. Anything that ships from China I would highly discourage purchasing from.
  • I purchased mine through Campco on Amazon for $12 and it is legit although it is marketed under a model name.

My Thoughts

I recently purchased this a few months ago before going on a trip to California.  I was concerned about possibly getting caught in an Earthquake so I looked online for some preparations.  The UZI Tactical Defender Pen 6 caught my interest with the glass breaker.  In case that I was stuck in a room where I need to break glass or access a fire extinguisher the glass breaker would come in handy.

I was nervous when getting on a plane with this pen to fly to Communist California.  I thought for sure the TSA was going to confiscate this pen.  However, it went write through the scanner with no red flags.

Months went by until I realized that it includes a handcuff key.  I was playing around with the top of the pen and stumbled upon it.  This wasn’t advertised on Amazon.

Luckily I haven’t had to use the glass breaker but I feel a sense of assurance that I have it available if anything ever happens.  As I mentioned before it would useful as an added layer of self-defense.  Not every attack calls for the use of a gun.  However, you can match the level of escalation with different items such as the UZI Tactical Defender Pen 6.

The pen is made of very strong material and is a tad heavy.  If you drop it on a wood table you will hear a loud thud.  It is a twist pen instead of a retractor.  I have found that the retractor on other “tactical” pens are easy to break and wouldn’t be of much use afterwards.

Now this pen isn’t something that you would buy to write comfortably with.  That is not its designed purpose.  So it is going to be heavier than a normal EDC pen and not as comfortable.  However, it does write extremely smooth.

It is also longer than a normal pen.  So if you are looking for a nice office pen or a decent EDC pen then this isn’t for you.  You should probably go to Walmart and purchase a pack of 6 for $2.

Finally it doesn’t look as “tacticool” as advertised.  Besides, how does a pen look tactical?  I’ve showed it off to a few friends and that thought never came to their mind.  They were actually very interested and have used it as a conversation piece for quite a while now.

Altogether, if you are in the market for an EDC pen that actually has some useful functions besides writing then you should take a look at the UZI Tactical Defender Pen 6.  It is great to have for emergency purposes.  It is also a nice item to show off to your friends and family.