Prepping for SHTF 2019

prepping for shtf 2019


It is another new year that brings along a list of new threats that could have a big impact on your life and your family’s.  When going into the New Year it is important to assess your preparedness plan to make the proper adjustments.  Things change and sometimes your preparedness plan needs to adapt to those changes when prepping for SHTF 2019.

If you haven’t developed a preparedness plan then you need to put together one immediately.  Trying to be prepared without a plan is like traveling to a destination without a map.  A preparedness plan is designed to be a guide to help you reach your overall goals.

Every prepper will have different goals depending on what threats you are facing.  A prepper that lives in one state may face different threats than someone that lives in another state.  For example, if you live in California you may be facing threats like earthquakes, wildfires and gun confiscation.  As compared to if you live in the southeastern part of the United States you may be preparing for the hurricane season, etc.

This is why it is important to conduct a threat assessment to help you identify the most likely threats that are relevant to you.  If not, you may be preparing for threats that are not even likely to come your way.  (You can check out The Strategic Prepper eBook to learn how to conduct a threat assessment.)  However, I believe that there are a few threats that we will all face in the United States for 2019.  There are four different aspects of threats that we should take into consideration when prepping for SHTF in 2019.

4 Types of Threats to Consider When Prepping for SHTF 2019

1. Legal Threats

When prepping for SHTF 2019 you have to take legal threats into consideration.  One such legal threat that I believe will continue in 2019 will be continued pressure for more gun control.  This is important for us that believe we should have the right to defend ourselves not only from the crooked government but also the dumbass that tries to break into our houses and cause us harm.

Now that anti-gunners have gained some power back in the house you can expect a full-fledged assault on the second amendment.  House Democrats have made it known that it is their intention to press for more gun control and confiscations in 2019.  So that means it is going to be harder to obtain self-defense weapons in order to properly defend ourselves.

Even President Donald Trump is making a push for a ban on bump stocks.  Now, this isn’t a full blown gun confiscation.  However, if you give anti-gunners an inch then they will take a mile.  They will never be satisfied with just an inch.

Mitigating Legal Threats

As many of you know, I no longer support the NRA due to their lack of having a spine to stand for our rights. They bowed to the pressure of gun control seeking to make a compromise by supporting regulations on bump stocks hoping that they would be satisfied.  But of course, they are not.

So now my support is with the Gun Owners Association of America.  GOA has a proven track record for fighting for the second amendment. As a matter of fact, they have just recently filed a lawsuit against the call for a ban on bump stocks.  The constitution is clear that the government cannot infringe “i.e. regulate” our right to bear arms.

So when prepping for SHTF 2019, it is important to support organizations that stand for the second amendment. I recommend GOA but there are a few other organizations still out there.  We have to fight with the law and not against.

In the meantime, I believe it is important to stock up on weapons and ammunition. Now you don’t have to build a full arsenal.  However, you should have enough that will help you survive should SHTF.

2. Economic Threats

Another important aspect of threats to consider when prepping for SHTF 2019 is economic threats.  You probably hear a constant warning from fear mongers who proclaim that an economic collapse is imminent.  They proclaim that such an event will take America back into the pre-industrial times.

I can’t say that a full economic collapse is imminent for 2019.  However, there are indicators that we are on the verge of another economic crisis.  Such a threat is reminiscent of the crisis in 2001 and 2008.

There are a few reasons why I believe that we are on the verge of an economic crisis.  For one, hedge funds are having their worst year since the 2008 crisisAlso, household debt recently hit $13.5 trillion which is another record high.  There are a few indicators but these two are typically the most important indicators of our economic health.

Mitigating Economic Threats

Even if you believe that President Trump is our savior you still need to be prepared for such an event.  Yes, you will need the foundational elements of preparedness like food, water, shelter, and security.  However, being financially prepared will increase your survivability in 2019.

You need to have your debts paid off and own some assets.  A really great and easy to access type of asset is silver bullion.  It is currently, as of today’s date, is at one of the lowest prices it has been at in years.  This typically happens right before an economic crisis.  I have talked about the importance of building a stockpile of silver previously so I’m not going to rehash that here.

However, silver always stays consistent with inflation.  That makes it a great hedge and a form of wealth protection during a crisis.  One company that I always recommend buying from is SD Bullion.  I have been buying from them for years.  Not only do they have some of the lowest premiums but they have a low flat fee for shipping.  Many bullion companies will charge you higher prices for shipping as you purchase more.

3. Political Threats

It seems that the threat of nuclear war with North Korea has simmered for the moment. President Trump has made a big impact on the peace process that is currently happening with North and South Korea.  However, we are seeing tensions increase with Russia and China.

President Trump has threatened to back out of the Nuclear Arms Treaty with Russia.  Many believe that this is a response to the investigations that the president is facing.  Of course, Russia isn’t taking this lightly.  They have threatened that there will be repercussions if such a move is made.  Being that they currently have the biggest nuclear bombs in the world, I wouldn’t take that threat lightly.

On top of that, China is becoming irritated by the supposed trade war that is happening between our countries. China has one of the biggest armies in the world. On top of that, they are aligned with Russia. With that being said we should be prepared for possible war and on the extreme case, a nuclear fallout.

I would recommend researching if where you live is susceptible to such an attack.  For example, a major military base would make your city a potential target for an attack.  Not many of us are able to just get up and move.  However, you should look for ways to hunker down.  Maybe if you have a basement or live close to a shelter.  Then you should develop a preparedness plan should such an extreme event ever happen.

4. Social Threats

We are also seeing the media increase their efforts to continue to divide this country with race wars.  The media constantly pushes out news that they spin to broadcast how evil the white man is.  They also imply that all whites are racist which is simply not true.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do believe that there are a lot of racist whites in the United States.  However, that doesn’t mean all should be labeled as racist.  But the media continues to spin this story to increase their click-through rates that bring in advertisement money.

We are even seeing divisions that are created by politicians.  Americans no longer support a political party because they agree with their political beliefs.  Instead, many Americans support a particular political party because of the people that they like or dislike.

For example, many people call themselves Republicans because they don’t like Hillary Clinton and the Obamas.  On the other end of the spectrum, other people call themselves Democrats because they don’t like President Trump.  So they will vote for these people purely based off of opinions that are typically fostered by the media.

As a result of this, I believe that we are going to continue to see social unrest and protests turning violent. So when prepping for SHTF 2019 we need to develop and practice being the grey manSituational awareness is essential but we also need to learn self-defense skills.  In order to survive a situation, you will need to know how to properly defend yourself.


Going into the New Year should be a time of celebration.  At the same time, we need to look forward and be prepared for what may come.  These would be my suggestions for prepping for SHTF 2019.  If you have any other suggestions or feedback then please leave it below.  Your feedback helps the community prepare the smart way now so that we can thrive later.


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