Where to Store Your Bug Out Bag

If SHTF to the point where you will need to bug out then you will want to have quick access to your bug out bag. But choosing where to store your bug out bag isn’t always black and white. Yes, you should have a bug out bag stored at home. However, what if SHTF while you are at work or traveling?

So it is a good idea to have a bug out bag stored close to you as much as possible. Yep, that might mean dealing with a nagging wife complaining about spending so much money on gear again. However, you can start off with cheaper builds. Then continue to improve upon it as you have the opportunity financially.

So don’t head over to Amazon to re-order more gear right now. Altogether, I wanted to share my suggestions of where you could store your bug out bag to increase your survivability.

Where to Store Your Bug Out Bag

Your Daily Vehicle

A bug out scenario isn’t likely to happen at an ideal time. Shit could hit the fan while you are at work, shopping or even on vacation. So storing your bug out bag in your daily vehicle would be helpful.  

It Could Draw Unwanted Attention

There are a few things to consider when storing your bug out bag in your vehicle though. If you have friends and family in your vehicle often, then there is a chance that they could notice. This could be bad depending on how trustworthy those people are. Immediate family members may be more trustworthy but you should be wary of extended family members.

Ideally, the bug out bag stored in your vehicle shouldn’t draw attention. Unless your friends and family are tactical tool heads then I would stay away from a “tacticool” look along with morale patches that could associate you with certain beliefs.

As a prepper, we should try to remain low key about our lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, my family and friends know that I am patriotic and a freedom lover. However, for people that I am not that close with or lack trustworthiness, I don’t really share that information with. Yes, we should stand up for what we believe but sometimes you have to be wise about it.

There is a chance that others will remember that you are prepper when SHTF. Then next thing you know they are knocking at your door asking for a hand out or taking it by force. That makes it hard to become a gray man in such a situation.

It Could Get Stolen

You also need to consider that your vehicle could be broken into and your bag could be stolen. To a bad guy, they just see camping gear. Anybody that frequently visits a pawn shop knows how much money it could be sold for or even posted on Ebay.

To mitigate this threat you could use a backpack and bag protector. These chains are made specifically for bags and larger items that are harder to lock up in a vehicle. You can check out one that I recommend made by Pacsafe over on Amazon HERE (Amazon Affiliate Link).

This protector is good for bags up to 55l.  It is made up of stainless steel and looks like a web around your bag.  The chains can be cut by bolt colters but would need to cut quite a few.  Most car burglarers don’t walk around with bolt cutters unless they know that you have something valuable inside beforehand.

Below is a video of James Yeager from Tactical Response recommending this bag protector as well:

Your Home

You probably noticed that I recommended your daily vehicle first. This is because most urban preppers spend more time outside our houses. For rural preppers or homesteaders, you may have the luxury of working at home most of your time.

Ideally, you would want to be home when SHTF. This is ideal because your gear and supplies are stockpiled at home. Bugging out should never be a preppers plan A. However, you should always have a bag of gear and supplies ready in the case that you need to. You don’t want to be one of the less fortunate who try to pack up everything at the last minute.

Keep Safe From Children

If you have children then it should go without saying that you should store your bug out bag in a safe area where they can’t get hurt. On top of that, your children could take things out without asking. 

One way to prevent this is by having a lockable bug out bag. A lockable bag is going to have two zipper handles that you can run a lock through it.  This prevents nosey people digging in your bag while it’s unattended.

Consider Storage Options

You could store them a bedroom closet, in a safe, attic or safe location in your garage. There are larger rifle safes that can also store bags along with other items. This makes it convenient for you because when SHTF you can grab your bag and your gun.

I also have a gun concealment storage bench that can hold rifles and other items. On top of that it is lockable.  You can check out the one that I have by American Furniture Classics over on Amazon HERE (Amazon Affiliate Link).

One downside of the ottoman that I have is that the locked panel is wood but I know that there are stronger options out there.  So it will take a very desperate person to break into that.  But it blends in as an ottoman which bad guys will typically overlook during a home invasion.

Survival Caches

In some of my previous content, I recommended getting a storage unit located somewhere in between your house and bug out location. You could also dig underground survival caches as well. Ideally, these caches should be located along your bug out route.

This shouldn’t be one of your first preparedness purchases. This is a survival multiplier which isn’t essential but increases your chances of survival by having these extra supplies. Once you build your stockpile of supplies at home and bug out location then the survival cache would be your next step.

This survival cache gives you an extra redundancy. A backup to your backup. You want to plan for the worst-case scenario instead of best-case scenarios. It is better to be over-prepared instead of under-prepared.

Bug Out Vehicle

This one should be self-explanatory. However, having a bug-out vehicle gives you an extra advantage. It may be that your everyday vehicle isn’t equipped for the scenarios that you expect to happen in an SHTF scenario.

For example, you may be forced off-road and possibly even rock crawling to your bug out location. This is where a 4×4 vehicle would make life a lot easier. Another example is that you could fear a possible EMP attack. Having a vehicle that wouldn’t be affected in such a situation would give you another edge. So of course, in a bug-out vehicle, you would store your bug out bag along with other bug out vehicle gear.


Altogether, these would be my suggestions of where you could store a bug out bag. If you have any other suggestions or feedback then please leave it below. Your feedback helps the community to prepare the smart way now so that we can thrive later.