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I’m Aaron.  I’m a 33 year old dude from Central Florida who works full time with a software company but also blogs on the side.  I am also the founder of Smart Prepper Gear™.


Smart Prepper Gear is a website dedicated to helping people prepare now so that they can thrive later.  Many prepper sources on the internet seem to focus on bug out bags and guns.  If you are a seasoned prepper then you know that there is more to prepping than that.

On Smart Prepper Gear we will not only be reviewing prepper gear that we personally own and use but also providing other helpful prepper resources.  The plan is to publish helpful content on a weekly basis through this site and also through the Youtube channel.  You can find the social media channels by clicking the icons below.

Feel free to communicate your tips and suggestions through the comment section of each post.  This site is designed to help the prepper community.  Finally don’t forget to sign up for the ultimate preppers list using the sign up box below.  I look forward to communicating with each reader.  Thanks.