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Why Preppers Will Die When SHTF

why preppers will die


Sadly, many preppers are going to die when SHTF.  Labeling yourself as a prepper doesn’t guarantee that you will survive or that you have it all figured out.  In this post, I’m going to discuss why preppers will die when SHTF.

Our goal as a prepper is to extend our survivability.  That is all we can do.  No matter how many beans, bullets, and bug out bags we have it doesn’t guarantee survival.

Unfortunately, in a collapse scenario, a mass majority of those without a focus on preparedness will die off first very quickly.  Then even those with a preparedness focus will begin dying as well.  Below are 3 major reasons why preppers will die when SHTF.

Why Preppers Will Die When SHTF

  1. Lack of Skills and Training

Most preppers rely totally on gear and supplies for survival.  However, these will not guarantee survival.  The first problem with that way of thinking is that they can be easily stolen or destroyed.  Once they are gone then you have nothing to rely on.  Gear and supply should just be seen as tools used to make survival easier or more convenient.

Another problem is that most preppers don’t know how to use the gear correctly.  For example, many preppers have an arsenal of guns but don’t know how to correctly use a single one.  They’ve never been taught or trained how to properly defend themselves.  As a result, this will cost not only their lives but those of their loved ones as well.

In a collapse scenario, society will be without rule of law.  Most likely armed forces and bad guys will be terrorizing communities.  Looting and violence will be running rampant because many will be without the necessities to survive.  People will be willing to kill others for canned goods.

So it is important to have some skills like survival or tactical skills.  In a collapse scenario, only those with proficient skills will truly survive and thrive. Yes, it’s easy to sit home all day in your underwear watching YouTube videos on survival and tactical skills.  It’s not enough.  You have to actually get out there and put the knowledge to practice.

If you are a part of the NRA you can find local certified trainers who can teach you to proficiently defend yourself and your family.  You could also find local courses on survival that will be helpful if you are forced to bug out.  Even organizations like Red Cross or CERT have free classes where you can learn the fundamentals of applying first aid.  There are tons of resources that we can take advantage of to build and develop important skills.

  1. Lack of a Strategic Plan

When it comes to preparedness a lot of us are just winging it.  I can say that from experience.  When I first got into preparedness I didn’t know where to start or what to do.

As a result of that, many of us are partially prepared in many areas instead of being fully prepared in the important areas.  The rest of us get discouraged and frustrated causing us to lose focus or just give up completely.  Without a plan, we will never get anything accomplished.  For example, architects put together a blueprint before building.  Without it, the building would be a failure.

In The Strategic Prepper eBook, I share of how I’ve been able to put together a plan to help with preparedness.  As a result of that plan, I was able to stock up 90 days of emergency supplies within a month while being unemployed.  So it is definitely possible to prepare on a budget as long as there is a plan.

Most preppers only focus on collapse scenarios in their preparedness plan.  The first thing a new prepper typically does is build a bug out bag and buy a bunch of guns.  As a result, they fall victim to other scenarios that are more likely to occur.  One such threat would include natural disasters like hurricanes.  Instead of spending all of the money and resources on a threat that is not likely to happen we can be more prepared for the more severe and likely threats.

  1. Lack of relationships

In the Bosnian collapse, it was said that those that were alone died first.  This is because strong men that gathered in groups targeted those that were alone and weak.  They took their supplies and left them for dead.

Undeniably, there is power in numbers.  2 is better than 1.  There is no denying that fact.

Still many preppers choose to be lone wolves.  Just the term lone wolf alone should be a discouragement.  Lone wolves typically don’t live long.

A lot of preppers choose not to reveal their lifestyle even to other preppers.  This is because of OPSEC, supposedly.  It is a concern that other preppers will target them in a collapse scenario.

So, as a result, a lot of preppers struggle with loneliness.  Gratification in life comes from relationships.  We were created to be social creatures.  This is why the institution of family is so important.  The concept of the community used to be so prevalent in the pre-urbanized times.  Communities would hunt and gather together in order to survive.  Nowadays we barely even say hello to our neighbors in passing.

We talk about the rule of 3’s a lot.  Yet, many overlook the rule of “you can only survive 3 seconds without hope.”  In a collapse scenario where you have nothing or no one then the thoughts of depression and suicide will abound.  Yet, if you lose everything and still have family and friends it will make survival easier.

We are all gifted with knowledge and skills in many different areas.  You are most likely a lot more proficient in areas than I am but at the same time, I am able to help you in areas that you are not proficient in.  This is why it is important to have a community.

In The Strategic Prepper, I consider having a prepper/survival group as an x-factor in survival.  Having such a group can multiply your survivability.  In a long term survival situation, people will need to work together as a community and team to survive.

Altogether, these would be 3 reasons why preppers will die when SHTF.  Please leave your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below.  Your feedback helps the community prepare the smart way now so that we can thrive later.



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  • solstar

    “If you want to travel fast go alone, if you want to travel far go together”

    • Really good quote!

      • solstar

        it is attributed to an “African Proverb”, and I like it.

        • I hope that you don’t mind but I will be quoting you this week on the podcast. That is a powerful statement

          • solstar

            no problem 🙂

  • Pops

    I have to agree with what he says. I live in the country and everything I need to survive is already at hand. Land to hunt on and grow crops, creeks to fish out of and friends and a ” small ” community that will work together to help each other and to protect and defend each other. The people who will not survive is people living in city’s and town’s. They will kill each other off fighting for the last loaf of bread. And then maybe those who are left will come and try to take what we have which will be their last try. Our group is made up of ex- Veterans, ex- police officer and police officers and people who have been surviving off the land and trading animals and crops they grow with each other all their lives. What some would call preppers is every day life for us. We are well organize, well arm and are ready to do what it take to survive and protect our family’s and community. You can have all the guns you want and take all the coarse’s there is, but if you are not willing to fight maybe die and are not willing to take a life then it does you know good.

    • Hey Pops! That is true. How did you form that group?

      • Pops

        It mostly stared from our church group. I and a friend of mind both have shooting ranges at our home and started holding competitive shooting events about once a month it started out with 8 or 9 and grew to about 40. With what’s happening in the world today we started talking about being prepare just in case something should happen. Like I said I live in the country and the local community is small so it didn’t take long for other churches and the community to get involve. Every one grows crops and raise different animals and have been trading what they grow or raise all our lives so that part was already taken care of. We all have water wells and generators and most us already have our wells fix to operate off hand pumps or even off bicycles. Hunting with dogs is a big thing over here so just about everyone has a CB. As for as guns, ” well you know what they say about country people ” everyone has at least 15 or 20. Hope it will never happen but if it does we are ready to protect out family and our community. And we are prepare to do what every it takes.

  • MzGritz

    We live in a small village on a quiet street. We know our neighbors well and they know us. All of us have, quietly, been preparing for several years now, and are as prepared as we know how to be without advertising to others outside our “circle.” Should TSHTF we have an established community – well armed, well prepared and ready for whatever comes. I sleep well at night knowing that we have the ability to sustain and defend our little community. I’m not a doom-sayer by any stretch but believe in being prepared for any emergency be it a natural or man-made phenomenon.