11 Ways to Heat a House Without Electricity

ways to heat a house without electricity


Winter season is all fun and game until you have to pay your heating bills. The excessive heating cost can burn a hole in your pocket. The use of heating system further surges up if you have elders or little kids in your home. The result is a huge electricity bill. To save your electricity cost, there are certain survival tips and ways to heat a house without electricity, which can come in handy for you.

In this article, we have covered those ways and tips. Continue reading to know more about them.

11 Ways to Heat a House Without Electricity


The best way to heat up your home in winters without the use of electricity is to go the traditional way and have a fireplace in your home. It will keep your home warm and give a cozy and comfortable ambiance. Not only will it help to reduce your dependency on electricity for heating of your home but will also give your home a distinct look and aesthetic appeal. If you do not have a pre-build fireplace in your home, you can opt for a temporary one, which can be easily found in the market.

All you got to do, if you have a fireplace at home, is to gather wood sticks and set them on fire in the fireplace. However, make sure your home has a proper ventilation system to avoid landing into unfavorable circumstances caused by smoke that comes out from the fireplace.

Proper Insulation

Your home will stay warm during the winter season if you have properly insulated it. It is a one-time cost that will help to reduce your reliance on the electric heating system. For proper insulation of your home, keep in mind the following practices.

  • Doors and Windows: The doors of your home need to have a good weather stripping around them for enhanced insulation. Another trick is to place door sweeps beneath your doors. This will prevent cold air from entering your home. For insulation of windows of your home, you need seal any visible cracks with caulk around their edges. The material of curtain of windows must be durable and capable of stopping air from entering in. You can also place extra clothes between your windows and curtains for added insulation. Moreover, bubble wraps can also be used on windows for insulation purposes.
  • Insulation of Attic: It is recommended to hire professionals for attic insulation in order to keep your home warm. They will inspect the attic thoroughly and suggest effective insulation method for you. Following this practice will restrict cold air from entering your home through the attic. Thus, your home will stay warm for longer period of time without the need of using electric heating systems.
  • Floor Insulation: You can add to the insulation of your floor by placing rugs or carpets on them. However, make sure they are made of high-quality material so that they can serve for an enhanced period of time. Moreover, it is important to clean them on a regular basis as they can become home to dust and dirt particles.

Side Note About Insulation!

A point to remember here is that proper insulation of your home will also prove beneficial for you throughout the year. It can also help to save electricity cost incurred due to the use of air conditioners during the summer season as well.

Gas Stove/Oven

It is another common way to heat your home without depending on electricity. However, this method should only be applied on dire need. The reason behind this suggestion is that use of gas stove or oven for a longer period of time can increase the amount of carbon monoxide gas in your home. Hence, despite producing excessive heat, this method is not recommended by experts. Ideally, you should use gas over for around 5 minutes per hour.

Make use of the Sunlight

In order to lower electricity cost due to the heating system installed in your home, another option is to make effective use of the sunlight. If sunlight directly enters your home, installation of solar panel is a better option. However, it takes you back to square one, that is a dependency on electricity.


Although the use of candles is not as effective as compared to other methods but it can also help to make your home warm. For using candles, make sure you are using them in greater numbers. Using them will not only provide the function of heating in your home but also lighten it up. The best practice is to use them in only one room at a time.

Gas Lamps

Gas lamps can also come in handy for heating any part of your home. However, using them for prolonged hours is prohibited as it can lead to suffocation. Similar to candles, the use of gas lamps can also serve dual functionality i.e. heating and lighting. Thus, you will be able to save cost on both the major expenses that you have to bear in the winter season by opting for gas lamps.

Gas Generators

Ideally, generators are recommended if you have a large family. A gas generator will make your home warm. Moreover, it can also lighten up your home. However, this way to heat and light your home may prove to be expensive for you as a large quantity of gasoline is required to run a gas generator for longer periods of time. Therefore, it is advised to switch it off after using it for a particular period of time to cut down on gasoline expenses.

Kerosene Space Heaters

It can turn out to be one of the most effective ways to heat a house without electricity because of its limited ability to produce carbon monoxide. However, for your own and family member’s safety, it is strongly advised to use a carbon monoxide detector with it. Moreover, you need to make sure the use of kerosene space heaters is not prohibited by your local permit departments. Apart from home heating purposes, kerosene can also be used as fuel for the lighting of your home in oil lamps.

Portable Propane-fueled Heaters

Although not considered as a viable option due to dependency on fossil fuels, portable propane-fueled heaters can come in handy as one of the ways to heat a house without electricity. The best part of this fossil fuel is that it can be stored for years. Unlike kerosene or gasoline, it doesn’t deteriorate at all. This feature makes it a better option to be used as compared to the other fuels for heating of your home. However, it should be considered as a short-term solution.

Dried Animal Dung

Now don’t laugh!  Using dried animal dung is another one of the ways to heat a house without electricity.  Although not very commonly used, dried animal dung can prove to be another method to heat your home. (Yuck!)  It has been used in many cultures for heating and cooking purposes. The main reason behind the use of dried animal dung till date is that it is a reliable, effective, and cost-effective method.

Gas Catalytic Heater

Another viable option to heat your home is a gas catalytic heater. The major reason why this type of heater is recommended to be used is that it burns very clean. Furthermore, it is one of the most efficient ways to heat a house without electricity. It works by using a ceramic element, which serves as a bed where gas can burn in. This ceramic element gets heated by the burning gas and is responsible for the heating of your home.

Another prominent feature of the gas catalytic heater is that they come in different sizes. Therefore, they can be used in both large and small rooms. The advantages of using such heaters include:


  • They can run without electricity
  • There will be no need to keep a supply/stock of natural gas as you will get your supply from natural gas stations.

A point to consider, with the use of the gas catalytic heater, is that your gas pipes should be in good condition otherwise the gas supply might not be able to reach the heater and they will stop working.

Another point to remember here is that all these ways to heat a house without electricity come with precautionary measures. You need to follow them for the safety of others.

Extra Tips and Tricks!

Apart from the above-mentioned ways to heat your home without depending on electricity, you also need to follow certain tips and tricks. These tips and tricks include:

  • Open the windows and let the sunlight enter your home on a sunny and bright day.
  • Try to stay in smaller rooms in winters. They get warm easily and quickly as compared to larger rooms.
  • As discussed above, proper ventilation is of utmost importance. If you are opting any heating method that contains burning of gas. Although a carbon monoxide detector can come in handy, consumption of oxygen by these gas burners is another issue, which shouldn’t be neglected.
  • Another key tip is to close all unused rooms of your home. If possible, use a draft stopper to seal it.


There you go, now that you are aware of the best ways to heat a house without electricity, apply them and save your electricity cost. However, be sure to follow all the protective measures that come along them. The best part about these survival and preparedness ways is that they can be used throughout the year.

Written by Cindy Hardy

Cindy Hardy is an active prepper, self-proclaimed coffee addict, and most importantly mother to three beautiful children. She lives with her family on a small farm in Central Maryland, less than 20 miles from where she grew up. 


ways to heat a house without electricity