6 Ways To Use Old Smartphones for Prepping

cellphone prepper gear


Every two years a lot of us are switching or upgrading to new smartphones.  Technology is constantly changing.  So we feel that our old phones are inadequate.

I have actually found some surprising ways that old smartphones can be added to your prepper gear.  Now before you crucify me I know if there is an EMP or no electricity it will be almost impossible to use it.  However, I would recommend newbie preppers (such as myself) use this temporarily apart of your prepper gear.

6 Ways to Use Old Smartphones for Prepping:

1.  Binoculars

Admittedly a lot of smart phones may not  have good zoom in quality.  However, if you have a good phone like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy then you are fortunate.  If you can’t afford to buy binoculars for your prepper gear then the camera zoom in functionality can be helpful.

This could be used when you are bugging out and want to check the perimeter to make sure you are safe.  Unfortunately this zoom in won’t be of much help at night.  So definitely save up for some night vision prepper gear.

2.  File Storage

Now I would recommend putting together a binder of important documents that you can grab when you bug out.  In addition to that you can also save digital copies of important documents onto your old smartphone.  A lot of new smartphones today hold anywhere from 16gb to 32gb.  This digital back up can be great in case you lose the binder.

3.  eBooks

If you need to bug out then there is no way that you will be able to add paperback books to your prepper gear/bug out bag.  The best option is to save books that you may buy on Kindle to your storage on your phone.  There are a lot of great books about survival on Amazon that can help.

4.  911 calls

Even though your phone may be old and disconnected from cell phone service you are still able to make emergency phone calls.  So keeping a back up phone in your bug out bag would be helpful in case you lost your phone and it is broken.

5.  Flashlight

Having a LED flashlight is an important item of prepper gear to have.  With that being said the best flashlights come along with a price.  Not only should you have a flashlight in your bug out bag but also with your every day carry and black out box at home.

So if you are working with a budget you can add your old smartphone to your prepper gear.  Most phones these days have a flash on the back for taking pictures.  It just so happens that there is a flashlight app that you can download on Android and Apple.  This can be a great alternative until you can afford to have all the proper flashlights that you need.

6. Navigation

Every bug out bag should be equipped with a map of the local and state area that pertains to getting to your bug out location.  A good back up to have is a smart phone.  Even if the phone is disconnected you are still able to access GPS which is connected to outer space satellites.  Also, most navigation apps have offline versions that you can download to your phone.  So if you are lost you can use the phone to navigate to specific areas.

With that being said I think an old smartphone could be added to your prepper gear to achieve these 6 functions.  It should be more of an alternative until you are able to afford the proper items or even use as a back up.


Photography by Jacob Bøtter