Concealed Carry Belts and The Best Options

best concealed carry belts


So if you are new to carry and conceal or even a veteran you probably found out how important it is to have a quality concealed carry belt.  You’ve probably felt like a dummy with pants sagging looking like something on Boyz from the Hood.  Concealed carry belts help eliminate you from standing out like a sour thumb.

boyz from the hood

Surprisingly that 2 or 3 pounds that you keep on your waist can weigh you down (literally).  To help you in your search I figured that I would share what I consider to be the best concealed carry belt options.

There are essential 3 different types of belts that you could go with.  There are tactical, loop and ratchet belts.  Every person will have their own preference.  However, in my search for the best concealed carry belts I came across many reviews and even tried some myself.

The Best Concealed Carry Belts

Tactical Belts

Tactical belts are typically made with heavy duty, mil-spec nylon stiffened to support holsters, pouches along with other gear.  They are typically extremely strong but weigh a lot more than the other options.  These belts are built specifically for soldiers and officers, etc. to use for tactical training where they carry a lot of heavy gear.

Being “tacticool” seems to be the fad at this point where everyone wants to buy gear that is tactical or just has the “tactical”word before the product name.  The downside of wearing tactical gear is that catches attention and stirs suspicion.  In my opinion this is not something that you want as your carry and conceal setup.  It defeats the purpose of “concealing.”

However, if you are still interested in buying these types of belts then I would recommend Elite Survival Systems CO Shooters Belt with Cobra Buckle.  The cobra buckle is one of the strongest buckles that you can find for a belt.  It takes thousands of pounds of pressure to break.  So if your conceal carry is kind of heavy then maybe this is for you.

I’ve used this belt on mock bug outs and even spending time at the shooting range.  It definitely stays on your waist at all times.  This belt would be my highly recommended option for best concealed carry belts that are for tactical purposes.

Loop Belts

The traditional loop belt is what most people are comfortable with because they have been wearing it for most of their lives.  The problem is that most loop belts are not reinforced or stiffened for everyday carry purposes.  That is why you need to find a specific concealed carry belt.

The great thing about these belts is that they are fashionable.  There are black and brown colors to choose from instead of military green and brown like most tactical belts.  They don’t have a tactical feel associated with them so you don’t have worry about stirring suspicion or drawing attention.

The best concealed carry belt with a loop in my opinion would be Hanks Gunner CCW Leather Gun Belt.  These belts are stiffened, are 1.5” wide and still lighter than tactical belts.  They have consistently high reviews.  For example, on Amazon they have a 5 star average from 822 reviews.  If that doesn’t excite you then maybe their 100 year warranty and 100% free exchanges will.  This shows that Hanks Belt is confident in the quality belt that they provide.

The only problem that I had with the loop belt is that I wasn’t able to find the perfect size.  It was already challenging for me to find the right size without a concealed carry.  Now the CCW just added 2 to 2.5 inches onto my waist size.  I could never find the right size.  Either the hole on the belt was too tight or too loose.

Ratchet Belts

So in order to fix the problem to find the right size belt I started searching for ratchet belts.  Ratchet belts have quarter inch increments instead of a hole every half inch.  So this helps assure that the belt will not be too tight or too loose.  This is especially helpful with a concealed carry weapon.  You don’t want something loose causing your pants to sag.


Just like the loop belts, ratchet belts are fashionable.  They can be bought in the traditional black and brown colors.  So there isn’t any tactical look associated with.

Currently the only concealed carry belt with ratchet options are sold by Kore Essentials.  Their gun belt is one of the absolute best concealed carry belts on the market.  You definitely need to read my review of the Trakline Gun Belt.

Altogether these would be my suggestions for the best concealed carry belts on the market.  Let me know if you have any suggestions on the best option in the comment section below.



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